A cornucopia of health

A timely article that talks about a cornucopia of spirituality and of health, by Tim Mitchinson.

A cornucopia of health.

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Challenging the infectious nature of fear

Polls by CBS News and other organizations are showing that the number of people seriously concerned about Ebola is surging in this country.

via Challenging the infectious nature of fear.

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What’s in your thought?

Interesting blog post from Tim Mitchinson on how important it is to check out what we have in thought.  Dissecting thought


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Of Good Report in Ferguson, Missouri

This blog post on ChristianScience.com by Maryl Walters tells of the good that is going on amidst the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri.  Of Good Report in Ferguson, Missouri


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Looking for progress but nothing seems to be happening?

This article by Russ Gerber originally posted on Psychology Today, talks about the changes happening below the surface, even when it seems nothing is improving outwardly…

You yearn for progress in your life.  Now what?


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“Spiritual Solutions for Desperate Situations” Lecture

Lorenzo Rodriguez gave a wonderfully insightful and inspiring talk this past Saturday at the Evanston Public Library.  We did not record the lecture, but in case you missed it or would like to see it again, here is a link to the same lecture (although an abbreviated version as it was recorded at the Mother Church over a lunch hour).  Enjoy!

Spiritual Solutions for Desperate Situations by Lorenzo Rodriguez, CSB



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The importance of mental detox

An interesting article about the importance of mental detox… http://lisle.patch.com/groups/tim-mitchinsons-blog/p/try-mental-detoxing-for-your-health_8d351197

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Compassion… good for our health!

Check out Tim Mitchinson’s latest article in the Evanston Patch where he discusses the importance of compassion and how it can actually be good for our health…  http://lisle.patch.com/groups/tim-mitchinsons-blog/p/bffs-r-gfyh_c378ab60

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What do you expect?

Here is an interesting blog article from Tim Mitchinson, our COP for Illinois, where he talks about the importance of expecting good. He reminds us to “look at our expectations and expect progress!”  http://www.csillinois.com/2014/01/20/what-are-you-expecting/

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Hope is more than wishful thinking…

Our COP for IL, Tim Mitchinson has a Blog on the Evanston Patch.  His most recent post is entitled “Hope is more than just wishful thinking in treating disease.”  Click on the following link to check it out!  http://evanston.patch.com/groups/tim-mitchinsons-blog/p/hope-is-more-than-wishful-thinking-in-treating-disease

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